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Salsa casino basic steps reel deal casino shuffle Casino Salsa Basic Steps. Basically, everybody dances as a couple! My 2 cents, from what I have seen in videos and from Cubans (both pros and street. The basic step of Cuban salsa The Cuban basic step has a rhythm of three steps followed by a pause, fast-fast and slow. The basic step is done by taking one foot back, stepping on the floor with the other foot and returning to the first 8 - Jul Oct 9, - Salsa Cubana Basic Steps and Figures with Dance Papi some decent video tutorials on Cuban Salsa, aka Salsa Cubana or Salsa Casino.

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Akia - - Lead turns follow with two hand turn around from open position and cross body. Latest posts from Timba. As we can see, this step consists of the woman moving away from her dancing partner by means of her rotation saying no. The follow meantime steps back, then crosses with left, steps right and crosses back on 6,7. Then wait for the Bota call then grab the hand of the follow on your left and enchufla the follow back into the slot, then cross body lead the follow. Eventos destacados. The follow and lead then alternatively step into and back out of the circle.

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How to Dance Sexy Salsa Cubana.

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