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Salsa rueda casino figuras santa run 2 the games Salsa Cubana corso principianti (17 figure) Salsagaia Firenze RUEDA DE CASINO (FIGURA dance video lessons. Salsa Cubana, also known as casino, traces its origin as a partner dance from son. We're thrilled to incorporate Miami, Havana, Santiago and Rueda styles into this series. Learn: El Dedo Casino Figura Dance Papi. RUEDA DE CASINO - Figura (88, Ochentaiocho). RITMOSLATINOS Duration: Baila.

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Visually all the hands coming together in the middle of the rueda and then raising up together, then opening to put your arms around both people on either side of you, over and over, makes it look like a flower blooming. Right-to-right, follower turns right, left, leader turns right, Enchufa then Dile Que No. Same as above, only pass the woman under your arm twice, stopping her the first time with your hand, and sending her back to the starting position before finishing the "Enchufla". Uomini : Assicurarsi di assumere proteine prima di provare questo passo! Turn to the right, push her hand, duck under your left, push her hand, back to Guapea. Tengan mucho cuidado que no las dejen caer! Men : Grab both hands without crossing.

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